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Mom on a budget: How to prep your home for guests this summer with Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender-Scented Tube.

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Hi friends! 
If you're like my family, then summer is a time for having people over. People you haven't seen in a while who are visiting for the season. Whether it is family members, friends, or a neighbor, we like to be prepared. Being prepared for us means a few things, like 1) having a clean house, 2) making sure the house smells good, and 3) having something to drink on hand. Because is it just me, or do guest always get really thirsty when they come over? Anywho, the point is being prepared for our guests this summer is key. So while Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender-Scented Tube may not be able to help us with our guests being thirsty, it sure can help with making sure our house is clean, smells good, and gives the guests something to use in the bathroom after those drinks.

Making Sure Your Kids Get More Vitamins & Minerals.

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Getting the right vitamins and minerals in your own diet is hard enough. But, as a parent, you’re responsible for multiple diets. You need to make sure your children are eating good - and that they’re getting essential vitamins and minerals to help them grow big and strong. 

3 Reasons why your kids should visit SeaQuest in Folsom.

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This is a sponsored post by SeaQuest in Folsom.)

Hi friends!
Did you know that Japanese immortal Jellyfish can live forever?
Did you know that Rainbow lorikeet birds poop every 6 minutes?
Did you know that if a clownfish female dies the strongest male clownfish will morph into a female? Pretty wild stuff right? Well, I learned all these super cool facts and more a few weeks ago when my friends and I took a little playdate to SeaQuest. 

Dinner time for busy moms with Wildscape Meals.

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Hi friends!
Wouldnt it be great if dinner just cooked itself? Wouldnt it be great if fresh meals just appeared out of thin air? Wouldnt it be great if healthy food were available right at our fingertips? Or our husbands cooked dinner and washed the dishes too? Okay, okay so maybe the last part isn't such an easy task but the rest of them can be with Wildscape meals.

Summer family trip to Great America.

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Hi friends!
Where are you headed this summer with your family? Any fun adventures or plans? Well, my family had a some which included things like pizza, all can drink refreshments, face painting, games and my 5-year-old on a 108.2 feet high roller coaster. Um yeah. Two words-
Great America?!