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Ivy's licorice.

Tonight something happened that I wanna share with you all. I typically don't post random blog's or even blog's in the middle of the day like this. But this was a special moment that I wanted to share. An since this is my online diary so to speak I decided to stop everything I was doing, grab my laptop and write it down so I'll remember it forever and ever. 

Decorating cookies with Sweet Flour Bakery (Part 1).

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own. 
This is a sponsored post by Sweet Flour Bakery.)

Hi friends!
Who loves food? I mean everyone right? Especially the sweet kind like cakes, pastries, cupcakes, and cookies! Hmm yes, can't forget cookies. I'll admit I can never turn down a good cookie neither can Ivy and Aria. As a matter of fact my husband too. I guess you can say we're a family of cookie monsters. They are kind of like our weakness. So while searching online for some good cookies I stumbled upon a placed called Sweet Flour Bakery located right here in Sacramento CA. At that moment I knew I had to have a Sweet Flour cookie. 

Keeping your peace of mind & home secure with Arlo Ultra Secuirty System.

(This post is sponsored by Arlo Home Security 
but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.)

Hi friends!
Wanna hear a scary store? about 5 years ago my husband and I took a trip to Las Vegas. We wanted to hang out on the strip, eat good food and of course, see Beyonce live in concert. Our trip was so much fun but while we were enjoying our time a stranger was enjoying our home. 

Upon returning to our home we were greeted with a busted lock on our door, ransacked bedroom, every single electronic we owned gone and our peace of mind totally destroyed. I will never forget returning home that evening and seeing our house like that. Some things you cant buy like a peace of mind. But you can make things a little bit easier with Arlo Ultra.

5 tips for a better nights sleep as a parent.

Hi friends!
Ever heard the expression “sleep like a baby”? I'm sure we all have, right? Having a good night’s
sleep is the best and it's something everyone needs. May is Better Sleep Month. Yep! sure is.
May is the month that encourages us all to sleep better and sleep well. So today I have teamed
up with the Better Sleep Council to not only give you guys tips on how to sleep like a kid but
also what helps me sleep, too. Are you ready for the best sleep you’ve ever had?

3 Places you should take your Lily Jade bag this summer.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Lily Jade.)

Hi friends!
Have your little one's school got out for spring break yet? Maybe so? Or are they currently on spring break right now? Either way, spring break just signifies the last hoorah before summer. Yes, the biggest break of them all. With the kids being out of school that means endless playdates and family fun trips. So of course as a mom and the boss of the household clearly you'll have a lot on your plate, like planning those family trips in your planner, scrolling through the gram for swimsuit inspiration on the iPad, toting the kiddos snacks from place to place all summer long. Phew, the list goes on and on! it's rough right? So obviously you'll need a fab bag to keep all the stuff organized. But not just any bag. A Lily Jade bag.