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Hi guys!
my name is Porsha Carr. I am the creator, owner, writer, photographer, & mother of this blog.
I started this blog in November of 2017.

I love writing and why I am not the best speller or even good at punctuation and what not... I genuinely enjoy what I do. I have a passion for reading, writing & photography. I love reading everything from books to other blogs. I love writing because it allows me to express myself when I can't say what I need to say aloud. Photography, I love that because it allows me to freeze a special moment and go back in time.

Born & raised In California, I recently quit my 9-5 in a medical office to follow my dreams of becoming a full-time blogger and mommy of the two most amazing girls ever. Ivy (5) & Aria (3). Working from home & being a mommy has it's tough moments but I wouldn't trade it for the world. My girls are both my biggest inspiration and motivation. Along with the most amazing husband ever Dayjhan. My husband and I met in 2007, we went to high school together. We have been together for 11 years and married for 1 year. He is my best friend and biggest supporter. Sometimes he helps me take photos for the blog too.

Besides blogging for fun I love to visit Target 100 times a week, read, eat junk food, chase around my tiny humans, shop online, travel and get my nails done among things. I am really nice and love making new friends if you ever wanna say hi well... feel free to you know.. just say hi. :) If you wanna know a little bit more about me you can read my introduction blog here.
Thanks for visiting!
- Porsha Carr

                                                (updated April 2019.)